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Backyard Renovation Ideas?? HELP REALLY NEEDED :)

Backyard Renovation Ideas?? HELP REALLY NEEDED :)


Old 05-24-12, 02:14 PM
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Backyard Renovation Ideas?? HELP REALLY NEEDED :)

Hi! Let me start off by saying, it's bad. It's real bad. I am almost embarrassed to upload these photos.

These photos were all taken from the deck (see below) and make an unstitched panorama showing a 180 degree view of the backyard.
Name:  100_2203.jpg
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Name:  100_2204.jpg
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Name:  100_2205.jpg
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Name:  100_2206.jpg
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Name:  100_2207.jpg
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Name:  100_2208.jpg
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This photo shows a bit more of the concrete area beside the deck.

Name:  100_2209.jpg
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This photo shows the backyard and the deck from where I took the photos.

Name:  100_2210.jpg
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So, we were about to start our annual weed and mulch the flowerbeds, when we decided that even with that, they just wouldn't look very good. Originally we thought we should just get some reddish-brownish landscaping edge rocks and redo the crumbling limestone edges (We all hate the current rocks around the flowerbeds and they WILL be going haha) Then we thought that the 3rd flowerbed (The one right next to the trampoline currently) could just stand to go entirely since the tree is dying anyways and it could open up the backyard.

Finally, we got talking more about how maybe it would look nice if we sold some of the pine trees to help finance this, and open up some more room. We also talked about the possibility of having a pagoda/awning over the deck for some shade. Basically, if you can't tell we would absolutely LOVE some input and ideas on what we could do to make this backyard look better!

We are willing to spend anywhere from $500 to 4k to really help this backyard out! And BTW, we have a landscape consultant coming over to give us some ideas as well, but I have confidence that you guys might be able to beat his ideas!! Thanks!!
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Old 05-25-12, 07:02 AM
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I am not a creative person. When I wanted to design landscaping for my yard, I called a landscape architect. He designed for the look I wanted.

I did the work, planted the plants. Looks great. $300 for the fee.


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