New cutter mattock...not sharp?


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New cutter mattock...not sharp?

I bought a cutter mattock at Home Depot tonight. My son unwrapped it, and I was a bit annoyed to see that it was not a bit sharp. Do these tools typically have dull edges? Are they intended to be sharpened? Every axe I have ever bought was perfectly this was unexpected.
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I have only use these a few times but do not own one. My understanding is since you will be digging in the ground with it a sharp edge would dull very fast. I don't know how much of an edge is on yours but I'm sure you could touch it up to your liking. Just don't get it ax sharp.
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Yeah...guess I was thinking that it WOULD be axe sharp. I have a Fiskars chopping axe that is absolutely sharp...(came that way and I keep it that way) and I assumed a mattock would be the same. I'll have to spend some time to put an edge on it. Thanks.
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I got a used mattock about 25-30 yrs ago. It didn't have a sharp edge then and doesn't now. I've never seen a need to put a sharp edge on it although I suppose what/how you use it could make a difference. Mine works great in dirt and slate rock without having a sharp edge.
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Yep to both answers basically. A chopping ax is normally for exposed roots and such. A mattock is used through dirt, gravel, and rocks.

A mattock would normally have an edge similar to a mower blade. Some folks try to keep their mower blades sharp like an ax or even worse a knife...and that's just wrong.

A thin edge can be very sharp for slicing and cutting...but that thin edge will fold over and chip very quickly if it hits an obstruction. I'd think about a 30-35 degree edge would be ok...but not with a stone or anything. A mill file would (and has been) my choice.
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Just like Mark I have a mattock that's probably 20 years old. It's never been sharpened. I have filed off a couple of serious dings, but I use it mostly for breaking up tough ground not cutting.
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I bought the mattock after searching online for the best tool for digging up tree roots after having a stump ground. There are several large roots left, and I want to replant there, and of course I can't until I remove the rest of the roots. On several forums the one tool that was most referenced, was a cutter mattock. I have a good chopping axe, but everyone said that the cutter mattock was the best tool to use.

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