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Looking for ideas on something i can rub up against.

Looking for ideas on something i can rub up against.


Old 06-06-12, 11:51 AM
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Looking for ideas on something i can rub up against.

Hello all, Here is my situation Ive got a corner lot with the house raised and behind a 3' retaining wall. its approx. 150-200 feet in length and the home owner likes it painted white. now along the entire outside of this wall theres a small strip of grass about 2' wide. So after a month or two the wall looks like trash from the lawn mower leaving black swirl marks from the mowers wheels being rubbed up against it. So what ive got in mind is to take some unknown material and attatch it to the outside of the wall about 4" up from the bottom and it might stick out 1/2" or something. For the lawn mowers wheel to rub on . kinda like the continuous rubber seal/bumper you would see on a small rec/ typ boat. abvously you just mention the word "boat" and things get expensive fast. ive looked into that option allready. so im trying to think of something i could use that might not break the bank but would look good attatched to the wall. Has anyone seen or used this idea and if so what material was it. Any and all ideas are welcome.
The home owner seems to think that it has to beor should be something black so that there is no marks left at all. I dont nessisarilly think that is of much importaints myself. any thoughts?

THanks for the forum.
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Old 06-06-12, 06:35 PM
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It seems to me like standard black garden edging material would do the job for you.
Old 06-06-12, 06:43 PM
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That, or buy white/gray lawn mower wheels.
Old 06-08-12, 07:21 AM
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Hey,thanks for the reply

Are you referring to the bender board lawn edger stuff? kinda like this?Name:  54.jpg
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Size:  25.3 KB

Your thinking of covering the bottom 4-5" of the wall with it?

What i had in mind would be some sort edging possibly 1-2" tall and running that the length of the wall at a height that would be appropriate to have the top half of a lawnmower wheel rub on. not covering the the bottom of the wall completely.

Although.. If that where the case i could just paint the bottom 6" of the wall Black. LOL
Old 06-08-12, 07:27 AM
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More cost and the homeowner may not like it but I would put a row of concrete paver bricks against the bottom of the wall if it were mine.
Old 06-08-12, 08:01 AM
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Ya, I like bricks or plants. Not only does it keep the foundation wall clean - you don't have to do as much weed eating
Old 07-03-12, 09:49 AM
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Home depot sells rubber mulch strips, you could lay it down along the wall and when you mow you would only have to mow against the mulch strip, keeping you about 4 inches away from the wall.

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