Bermuda Issues....HELP!!!


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Unhappy Bermuda Issues....HELP!!!

I bought this house about 20 months ago. It had NOTHING. It was over grown with what we call Cedar Trees (the rest of the world calls them Junipers). There was no grass except the native crud that popped up. I've been trying, very hard, to breathe life in to this property. In total it's 2 acres, but I'm only "landscaping. about a quarter of that. The soil here is very rocky, not fertile. Last year I laid 6 pallets of Celebration Bermuda, and this year I added 10 more pallets, but of Tif 419. I realize it's not smart to mix & match, but stuff happens.

Anyway, it was looking pretty good for a while, but then the drought part 2 hit. If you remember the news last year, Central Texas had the hottest, dryest summer in history. I didn't have irrigation so it took every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears to keep that 6 pallets alive. This year I laid the Celebration in March, just knowing it wouldn't be as bad as last year, and although we've had a bit more rain, we are still very dry. We got about .30" last week, but it had been about a month before that for any measurable rain. Now I'm sucking wind, and my yard looks like crap! Other than water, what else can I do to get this stuff healthy??? It's just not growing, and now that it's so dry the seams where I laid the sod have spread apart and when I mow, the bumps make my mower scalp the yard in these perfect little circles.

I'm concerned there might be a insect or some other issue just because I can't seem to get this stuff to grow. It's *primarily* the new sod that is having issues, but there are a few spots where the old is also suffering. Have a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions.


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It has been my experience that irrigation water will maintain a lawn but it takes rain water to make it flourish. If you're behind on watering the lawn, the odds are really stacked against you.

I have about 1/3 acre of lawn and I can only run two sprinklers at a time and need to move each one of them five times to cover the whole lawn. IOW, if I want to put an hour of water on the lawn, I need six hours to do it. Invariably, I'll get behind in July or August and be unable to catch up, thus my whole lawn goes brown until the temps cool off in late August or September and the rain gets more frequent.
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Yeah, that's half the's supposed to be 106 today in Austin Wish me luck!

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