Correct way to start a lawn over


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Correct way to start a lawn over

So I failed at planting a 10,000 square feet lawn. I rushed to get the seed down in the spring and unfortunately, It has succumb to a more than 75% weed infestation. I sent a sample of the soil to have it analyzed and it came back low on calcitic lime and nutrients. So, I've decided to start over. I've found that applying a chemial to kill everything is the first step but how long should I wait to till the soil and when do I apply the lime and nutrients? Can someone explain the process?
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I would wait until fall. You might have luck in RI starting in late summer but I like to wait until the hot days are over but still do it early enough that it can get established a bit and be mowed a few times before it stops growing for winter.
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Start spraying now with Roundup or other glyophosphate active ingredient herbicide. Spray anything still living two weeks from now again. Once the heat of summer is over (usually late August here), spread your needed amendments on the lawn and rototill everything together. Then plant your new seed.

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