River rocks in the soil


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River rocks in the soil

We had some river rock landscaping removed and we wish to plant grass. It rained a few times since the landscaping removal and revealed quite a bit of rock in the soil.

How much soil do we need to put down on top to ensure that the rocks won't work their way to the surface over time?

I realize the question is kind of based on how many rocks are out there so letís just say in a 1 foot x 1 foot area there are currently about 6 river rocks visible.

I have also tried raking the rocks to lower the quantity but i end up just revealing more rocks further down.

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Unfortunately, you did not post your location.

Over time, the soft and fine top soil will wash away and/or go down. If you are in a cold climate, frost will raise any rock upward. that is one of the reasons there are many rock piles and fences around farmers fields in many areas.

Short of excavating and screening the soil you can rake or remove the larger obvious ones, but it will not be perfect for a year or two.

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Sorry. Chicago suburbs.

How far down do I need to go? To clarify, I want to put grass down on the soil. I just don't want rock creeping up into the grass and into my mower.

Thanks again!
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The rock will always be creeping back up, I'd try to get rid of as much as you can first.

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