Neighbor elevated their lawn


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Neighbor elevated their lawn

We have an issue with our neighbors. They redesigned their backyard and elevated their lawn at least 6" higher then ours. The issue is where their lawn meets our property, we have cement and it's next to our garage about 3'. We have a privacy fence between our properties. We have a small storage shed next to our garage and now whenever they water their lawn, our storage shed gets flooded. The bottom of the shed is now rusting out and our lawn mower now is getting water damage as well. Obviously, we'll have to move the mower to inside the garage, but our shed is getting ruined. We've had issues with these neighbors before on other things. We asked them to move their sprinkler so it doesn't saturate our area but they don't care. What can we do to resolve this?
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If they won't listen to reason then sue them. Often you can find an attorney that will give you 15 or 30 minutes consultation for free.
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The first line says it all - "WE have and ISSUE with our NEIGHBORS". Who is we? - You and your spouse?

Apparently, WE have a fence between us (on the line I assume) and it is owned by WE.

WE have had had previous ISSUES with these neighbors before indicate you cannot resolve anything by reaching a mutual agreement. .

Is the storage shed too close the property line according to codes that provide a buffer zone?

The bottom line is - can either of you parties determine where the natural drainage was before the homes we constructed? If not, - you have to work it out without the all too common threats. - life is too short for quibbling.

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Yes... myself and my spouse. The fence is a mutual investment between us and the neighbors. They re-did their lawn after fence was installed. We had the shed before then and it is within the code boundaries for our property. We live in a very tight community, there is not much property between us and our neighbors. Our houses are very old and not sure how we would figure where the natural drainage was before construction. Their house was built in 1927. Ours was in 1940. They had a playset in their backyard before with woodchips and was level with our property. They added dirt and regraded their whole backyard and did not care when my husband pointed out how much higher their property is now and how he was worried about run off from their property. I feel that they need to fix the problem so that we don't have the problem with runoff anymore. If we had grass there, I probably would not care but because it's cement, the water pools and is not absorbed and somedays it's like a little lake in that area from their watering. Plus they use a fan sprinkler that gets everything wet on our side of the fence. They do not have a sprinkler system.
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So? -

You do not want your grass to get wet? - At least you will use less water.
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I'd suggest you have the neighbors over for a cordial drink and some snacks some evening after a big rain when you have standing water. Have your table and chairs set out right next to the puddle, and see where the conversation goes from there.
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In some communities it's illegal to change the grade if it also changes where the water flows, especially if it diverts the water to someone else's property. Check with your local permit office to see if there is anything they can do.

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