Mosquito Larva in Storm Drain Basin


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Mosquito Larva in Storm Drain Basin

Hello -

I'm not exactly sure what this thing is called (pictures attached) but I have two "rain water basins" in my yard that keep the ground from flooding during heavy rain. These basins are maybe 50 feet apart and are connected together and then run out to a larger basin in a neighbors yard where they it then heads out to a creek through an underground concrete pipe.

The basins in my yard are maybe 12 inches by 16 inches wide and maybe 12 or 16 inches deep (I haven't actually measured). There is almost always a few inches of water in the bottom of the basins and I can see mosquito larva (wrigglers) in there.

I know I can add BT dunks to the water regularly to kill the larva but that's something I have to do after every time it rains or once a week or so...

Is there something I can add to the bottom of the basin that will permanently not allow mosquito to breed? Maybe something like some kind of stone or gravel that changes the pH of the water?

Thanks for your ideas!

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Maybe I should add some more information:

What I was thinking of is adding a nylon bag to each storm drain that's filled with something like crushed oyster shells or lime - both of which should change the pH of the water.

The problems are:
* I don't know if it'll change the pH fast enough after it rains so that the mosquito won't have enough time to reproduce
* I don't know if it'll change the pH enough
* I don't know how much I need to change the pH for mosquitoes to not survive
* I can't do this if there will be any environmental harm - this does eventually drain into a creek.

What if I just fill the bottom of the storm drain with gravel? The water will still be there but displaced somewhat by the gravel... how much water area do mosquitoes need to reproduce?
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I don't know of an easy solution other than to add the BT chunks after big rains.

Gravel might work if it's deep enough above the surface of the water but it will also dramatically reduce the capacity of your drainage system and would eventually silt up. It is possible to fill the bottom area with cement so that vault will drain?

I don't think altering the water's PH is a viable option. Just looking online it seems the larvae can complete their growth cycle in water with ph from 4 to 11.

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