Difficult Irrigation planning question.


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Difficult Irrigation planning question.

I am on the board committee of a homeowners association.
We currently have an irrigation system for irrigating our landscaping with water supplied from our municipal water system. In order to reduce our extremely high water bill we are considering doing the following.
* We have ponds on our property.
* We plan on sinking a well for irrigation.
* We want to pump well water into a pond.
* Then irrigate from the pond via our current irrigation system (We have 20 different zones operating now ) We don't want to irrigate right from the well because of the iron and discoloration)
What are the pitfalls of this plan as you see it ?
Any help/guidence appreciated.
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Up front I am not into this line of work but I have a few questions that may be pertinent. Now you are using the municipal water system for irrigation so you have a very minimal demand for electric for this process. Only to control valves and timers. As soon as you start any type of pumping you will have to consider the cost of electricity in the mix.

So now you will have the cost of a deep well pump or maybe even two to refill the pond. Then you'll need a pump or pumps to move the water from the pond to your irrigating loops.

Probably will also need to aerate the water in the pond.

You'll need to weigh the costs of what your paying now for water against new pumps and electric usage.

I know, where I live here in NJ, you can not just install a high consumption well without approval. All the towns in my area are on the underground aquafer system and water usage is extremely regulated.
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PJ brought up some very important points... I guess you need to fig. how many GPM you need per zone ie. how many heads and their gpm each. So here is my scenario... 20 gpm per zone you will need a 1.5 hp pump which is approx. 1200watts running for approx. 30 min. per zone so it will take 10 hours to run a complete total landscape sprinkler system cycle typically each day except mowing day so elec. costs approx.$ .10 per kilowatt hr. or about $.12 per hour of pump operation multiplied by 10 hrs = about $1.20 per operating day... that is pretty cheap... $ 36 per month for elec. this pump can be purchased for less than $ 500 with a pump start relay which connects to the timer. I don't know what you have for a water table in your area but you would be surprised how much shallow ground water there is around there so the pond recovery may well be adequate by itself it would also be possible to shuttle water from pond to pond quite easily. how much do you spend on city water as it is? if it is what I am used to hearing you could save a lot of $
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Difficult Irrigation Problem

Thanks for your replies. You have raised some important issues that I will certainly look in to. Thanks again.

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