Chainsaw: Starts, runs, quits, then 'rests'


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Chainsaw: Starts, runs, quits, then 'rests'

I have an old Poulan Shark that I've used for a couple of years.
This year, it's been giving me problems.

It'll start after 10 or so yanks, then it will operate for a few minutes. However, if I let go of the throttle, it dies, and won't start back up for an half hour or so.

Any clues why?

I've always mixed the gas properly with 2 cycle oil, and I've never stored it with fuel in the tank.
I changed the air filter and the spark plug, and still get the same weak performance.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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I had a little saw that did this to me also. I was baffled at what could cause it. I took it to my local shop that does all my repair that I couldnt figure out on my own (I own a landscaping business). He took it apart and turns out the cylinder walls were scarred. Once it heats up and swells, it won't run until it cools down. Even though the engine will still turn over when you try to start it. It needs to cool.
Point is, the motor was bad.
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I agree with Brando, I had a trimmer motor that did the same thing, I threw it once when it wouldn't start and the repair guy had asked me if I dropped it ??
I also got dome fuel that was switched my son had boat gas mix on the lawn can and I used some, 50 to 1 sounded OK< but I think the oil was the wrong type ??

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