Sod around my home on a 5 acre lot Ideas? (pic)


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Sod around my home on a 5 acre lot Ideas? (pic)

I finally bought my first house but the entire area looks the same; Sand and shrubs, weeds and trees.

I only want to sod around the house to break the look and to give me a decent yard that seperates the acreage and to look a little cleaner. I like the land type but Im having a difficult time trying to figure out a clean look around the house. I literally have no grass.

Here's a pic of what I am working with. I am also wanting to build a low profile deck on the southeast corner with cascading steps. It'll basically take the bottom left of the house and some of the left side. Sliding glass door corner.,

I use to lay sod back in the day, so I plan to do the work myself. Plus Ive got more time than money.

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Sod will not grow in sand. You will need to add soil before laying the sod.
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Yep, that sand is a problem....
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My folks have sodded on their sandy lot but they are half an inch away from hydroponics. Their sand has a decent amount of organic matter which helps but the grass still requires watering twice a day and frequent, light applications of fertilizer. They have a tiny area so it's feasible but I think your area is too large for that level of sod life support.
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I was told back in the day..."live on the with the beach". That was when I lived about 50' away from the Chesapeake Bay.

I know Gainesville isn't on the water...but if its all have to treat it the same.

You'd be well advised to consult with a local garden center....most will give free planning and drawings. I'm sure they will recommend native plantings and hard landscaping.

You might consider artificial turf for small areas as well.

Btw...ever heard of Sister Hazel?
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That's what I was expecting. I dig the landscape but the girlfriend was wanting a yard with grass so I thought about it, since most of Gainesville/Florida is grass anyway. I'll go to the local sod area and see what they have to say about my issue.

Yup, the drummer actually shops at my store fairly often a few years back. Haven't seen him lately though.
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You're going to have a hard time growing grass on sand, unless you plan to water daily. Start by adding lots of topsoil, peat, and manure to the sand. Roto-till it in completely so it's mixed well. Be sure to grade it so it slopes away from the house. Rake it smooth, then you can lay your sod. Pick a variety that's drought-resistant and suitable for your zone (ask a garden center for advise).

From a former greenskeeper

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