Backyard Water Pooling


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Backyard Water Pooling

Hello all - long time lurker but only registered because I finally had a question that couldnt be answered from searching.

I live in a center unit townhouse, and the hill in the backyard slopes down towards the house. During moderate/any rain, the back yard becomes very muddy for at least 2-3 days. During heavy rain, the water pools and sticks around even longer, and water begins to seep into the ground level (no below ground basement) which we can see and feel under the carpet. Also, two gutters from the roof pour out in the back yard.

I have two ideas to help this issue. Both involve a type of dry well, but I would like thoughts and ideas on the best implementation. At this point, rerouting the water to a lower point with some type of french drain is not an option. I have attached two (rough) pictures:

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2: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

Picture 1 involves burying a 50 gallon flowell drywell. The upside is it holds quite a bit of water, but the downsides are it does not appear to have a way to prevent dirt from entering and staying inside, and it is not very deep in the ground.

Picture 2 involves digging 3-4 holes, 4ft x 6in, lining them with water permeable landscape fabric, then filling them with gravel. The upside is that these are deep so allow the water to be spread deeper, and the downside is that without gravel, they only hold 5 gallons, which will be reduced to near nothing with the gravel (needed to support the lining from collapsing on itself).

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Waterlogged....Welcome to the Forums !

I can feel your pain. I have a good friend who is in a similar position but the bulk of his water is coming down hill from his neighbors due to over coverage of their yard. (A long story)

He he is investigating the dry well idea but one problem I mentioned to him and it will also affect you...... how much water can the dry well hold and get rid of. We've been getting some torrential rains and I don't think the dry well idea is going to really solve the problem.

Others will stop by and offer their opinions so we'll see what we can arrive at.

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