Re-sodding... height against driveway/road?


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Re-sodding... height against driveway/road?

Howdy all. I'm in the process of prepping a section of my front lawn to re-sod it. I have a lot of difficulty getting grass to grow, much of which has to do with poor drainage. I've got it tilled up and will be getting soil tests done to fertilize before adding a layer of top soil. I'm planning on adding extra soil along a couple spots by the road and the driveway where the lawn sits too low, and re-grade it so it drains better.

My key question here is how to account for the sod. Should I get the dirt layer more or less level with the road/driveway, so that the sod effectively sits higher, or leave the dirt layer a little lower so when I lay the sod, it will be at the level of the road/driveway?
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I always figure "at least" 1 1/2"( 1.5") lower than pavement or concrete, it eliminates snow plow damage and reduces edging needs

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