native grass (re)invading vs. mondo grass


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native grass (re)invading vs. mondo grass

Hi. This may be a dumb question. But I planted about 100 mondo grasses on a slop of my yard last spring. basically dug out some very thin, cruddy native grass. replaced with nice soil over a weed tarp cut little holes for mondo and planted.

this spring there are some very bright green shoots coming up from the mondo mounds. at first I thought it was new growth, since it doesnt occur between any mounds, only within the mounds. But now I am convinced that the native grass is popping up through the hole in the weed tarp.

photo attached. can anyone tell? I going to just have to pluck these natives by hand? there isnt a product that would kill the native fescue and spare the mondo is there?


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We have an invasive weed grass around here and we kill it by pouring RoundUp into a cup and using a small brush to 'paint' the leaves of the grass we don't want. Anything that kills the bad grass also kills the good grass, so this was the only solution we could find beyond pulling it out of the ground ny hand.

That said, I have no experience with the grass you planted to help you determine whether this is new growth or return of the former grass.

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