Not a landscaper, need advice.


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Not a landscaper, need advice.


New to the forum as a member but I have used the info here before.

Up here in AK the snow is finally going away. I am looking at my Muddy back yard trying to come up with a Spring time plan.

I need to put something in that is going to help reduce mud when it rains and snows but is durable for my big St. Bernard puppy.

I thoguth grass but I see the dog tearing through it. Is there anything else that couple help??

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This will be a good question for those of us south of you to figure out.

I wonder if something like clover would take and hold well in your climate.
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Grass and dogs just don't mix. Best bet is to restrict the dog from some areas while you try to grow grass in them. Outside of that, some kind of mulch over landscape fabric would get rid of the mud.

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