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My lawn never looked so bad. This year the quack grass is everywhere. Is there any way of killing it without killing the good grass?
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Never had quackgrass but we have an undesirable grass here that we have to kill with RoundUp - there's nothing we've been able to find which kills it without also killing the desired grass. Our work-around for this is to put the RoundUp in a cup and use a small brush to 'paint' the leaves of the grass we want gone so the good stuff is unaffected.
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I read of a way to apply Roundup to weeds in the lawn. Wear a rubber glove, then wear a cloth glove over it. Bunch and hold the weed in one hand. Dip fingers of other hand into a cup of Roundup and wipe on the weed. May be a little quicker and a little more controlled that using a paintbrush.
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Yeah, I like that idea, I'll have to try it.

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