Mowing an overseeded lawn?


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Question Mowing an overseeded lawn?

I overseeded my lawn a couple of weeks ago and the new seedlings have germinated. The sprouts are over an inch long but not yet mature. My established grass around the sproutlings has become overgrown and looks ridiculous. If I mow the lawn slowly with my riding mower, will this suck up the new seedlings or should they be okay?
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I would assume the new grass will be ok. The mower doesn't have that much suction that it'll pull them out roots and all.
It may actually do them some good if you do clip the tops of any of the new blades of grass.
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Mike - I have to disagree. Not only is there quite a bit of lift under a mower deck but its possible that the blades will tear the barely rooted shoots from the ground. I think that if I had to mow I would use a reel mower with very sharp blades.

I have a couple of patches in my lawn that I seeded this spring. The seedlings are about 1 1/2" tall and I'm still mowing around them.

My suggestion - over seed in the fall, just after the last mow.

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