Sprinkler startup fail


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Sprinkler startup fail

I went to start up our sprinkler system today and everything went well except I have very low water pressure at the heads. They valve opens but the heads hardly rise out of the ground and I can piss farther than they throw water. It is the same for all the zones. All the pipe valves are fully opened and I don't see any water puddles any where on the lawn that would indicate a broken line. I walked the entire property and no puddles.

It is the same for all the zones which suggest to me the problem is at the main water line. I replace the main valve in the basement last year so that shouldn't be a problem. I can hear good water flow. Could the back-flow preventer valve cause this problem. I took it apart but saw no obvious problems.

Thanks for the help.
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Make sure all the zone electric valves are manually turned off. When winterizing a system the maintenance personnell often open zone valves manually to expedite the process and will often mistakenly leave a valve on, so when you turn on in the spring there is always a valve on manually while you are turning on another zone with the timer , so you have more than one zone on at a time creating a low pressure situation. Start there...

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