Calcium Buildup in irrigation system


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Calcium Buildup in irrigation system

Half of my irrigation system isnt working. I thought it was because my neighbour built his fence right on top of one of my spray heads breaking it off into the ground.

Replaced the head and while doing it we noticed that the pipe is full of calcium buildup. Most of the spray heads on that side of the house have some water going to it, just no pressure to pop the heads up. So I'm guessing the pipes are too blocked to get the water through. The opposite side of the house runs just fine.

Is there any way to fix this without digging my lawn up and replacing the pipe piece by piece. The plumber that was helping me with the irrigation system said thats the only way to fix it. I start at the first head thats not working, then go from there until it all works again. Time comsuming and expensive Im sure.

Also.. how do I prevent it from happening again??

I dont know when the sprinklers stopped working. Ive been there a yr and never worked completely since I moved in. The sprinkler is no older then 4yrs. We're also on City water.

Here are some pics.

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Wow....that is a lot of calcium buildup in four years.
It must be building up in the house too unless you have a softener or filter inline.

I doubt that you could clean it out of the pipes as it gets as hard as cement. You may have to replace the affected pipes.

I'm not sure how to keep it out of the sprinkler system. Maybe someone passing thru will have an idea.

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