Damaged Hose Outlet?


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Damaged Hose Outlet?

We have two external hose outlets at our home. One is attached to the back of the house and the other is attached in the garage. In both cases, when I connect a garden hose water leaks from the connection.

Interestingly, I've noticed that the threads on both outlets have 2 flat sections, almost as if part of the threads on each side of the outlet were shaved off:


Any idea what the previous owners could have done to cause this or is this some sort of special connector?
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Never seen one like that.
See if the vacuum breaker is just screwed onto the faucet. If it is then just remove and replace.
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The flat sections may have been caused by someone cutting off a fitting or they could be for a special tool to separate the sections? You already have a vacuum breaker sillcock as you can tell by the drop of water on the center pin.

Hose connections seal by use of a washer or o-ring...not the threads. The teflon tape won't help.

I'd try a new rubber washer (not the hard plastic) or O-ring (which I like better) and see what happens.

Pro's will be around later with better advice.
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It looks like you have vacuum breakers screwed onto the outlet of your faucets. The flats are on the threads so it can be secured with a wrench. Some versions have a locking screw on the side that gets tightened until the head snaps off so it cannot be removed. Required to bring older style hose bibs up to current code. But, a big pair of channel lock pliers or pipe wrench can get them off.
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Thanks for the great info. I had never heard of vacuum breakers until now, but after reading up on them it makes sense. We have a pool in our backyard so I assume that's why they were installed.

Also, I took a closer look at one of my pictures and based on the markings I was able to find the product page for our vacuum breakers:

8A Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers, Brass, Vacuum Breakers, Backflow Prevention - Watts Canada

The company (Watts) say that this is a non-removable vacuum breaker. I'm going to see if I can just fix it first (they have a repair kit), and if that doesn't work then I'll have to figure out how to remove these ones and replace them with new vacuum breakers.

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