Problem triggering control valves


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Problem triggering control valves

I've had 3 different landscaper/sprinkler repair individuals trying to figure out whats wrong with our system, and none has been successful. The system has one long 2 main line, with three control valves that T-off over the 150 foot or so main line. The only control valve that the timer will trigger is the last valve on the far end of the main line. Each of the other 2 valves have been replaced and have power when tested, but won't trigger from the timer. None of the valves can be manually triggered, except under the following circumstance. If the last valve on the system is triggered by the timer, but the flow control valve is shut off, then either of the other two valves can be manually triggered. The system has great pressure, two of the zones have 25 or so maxi-paws that have full throws.
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Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like the problem is somehow pressure related.
You didn't mention what valves you were using.

25 heads on one zone sounds like an awful lot on one zone. I think you'd be talking like 50 gpm with the small nozzles.
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Water pressure

Our turbine pump was previously used to irrigate an 80 acre parcel which was broken up and our parcel has the pump. We have three inch lines going to a couple fields we don't irrigate, and just irrigate a lot of foliage and about 2 acres around the house. It does seem like a pressure problem, except that the last zone on the line can be triggered with the timer and can run full blast as long as we like. Similarly when the other two are triggered with the sequence I described, they can run full blast as long as we want them to. Clearly there is a pressure problem until we trigger the one valve electrically, then we have full pressure... I don't know much about pumps and valves, but its as if triggering the one valve on the end of the main 2" line then pressurizes the system. Doesn't make any sense.... BTW No pressure problems in the house which runs off the same pump... even if one of the zones is running.

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