How do I avoid foxtails next year?


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How do I avoid foxtails next year?

Hello: I have a mountain cabin and I have foxtails all around it. So, I had to weed-wack them down. But, I want to avoid that next year, so is there something I can do to avoid them next year? Is there something I can do in the early spring to kill them while they young, or is there something I should do now? Thanks for the help.
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It seems like pouring vinegar on a lot of different things tends to work. Maybe you could try that to start off with? I'd also make sure to rake often to help keep the seeds from establishing a place to grow.
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Any normal weed killer should work if you want to go chemical or more natural with vineagar, boiling water or physical removal. You will need to kill the foxtail and encourage other grasses or clover to take over. It will not be a one shot thing and you are done. The seeds are probably in the soil so you will have to be vigilant for several years to break the cycle.

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