creeping charlie or ground ivy


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creeping charlie or ground ivy

I had written in about the problem I had with creeping charlie a few years ago. I did everything I could imagine, including taking it out by root one string at a time using a dinner fork, digging it up with a front loader, and spraying it with Roundup.
Recently a friend of mine told me the only way to control and kill creeping charlie is to use Weed-B-Gone Max, which I had used before with no luck. She told me that if I double the dosage (2 1/2 ounces to a gallon of water) to 5 ounces to a gallon of water I would be successful. I am happy to report that she was right on with her suggestion and I am no longer plagued by that quick growing invasive weed. Now as soon as I see a plant beginning to grow I spray it and in a few days it's gone.

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They make different versions of Roundup and WBG....there are some specifically for vines and brush as well as wild blackberry which I've seen mentioned here as a problem.

Probably the same as doubling the concentration.

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