standard disclaimer in a landscapers contract?


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standard disclaimer in a landscapers contract?

My wife got a price on some tree removal work and was worried about the following that appeared at the bottom of the company's proposal:

"We are not responsible for any damages to lawn, bushes, fences, gutters, shingles, roof, paint, siding, walkways, driveways, asphalt, above ground utilities or below ground utilities".
Is this shady or standard across the industry?
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Basically sounds like they are saying that if the tree falls and damages anything they are not responsible. Shady? No. But isn't that really the point of getting a tree service, so as not to damage anything?

I would look for another contractor, or ask them about it and how they would handle if they dropped the tree on your car.
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I would certainly want to see what other contractors had in theirs before I would sign something like this.

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