how do I kill this type of weed?


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how do I kill this type of weed?

My lawn is Bermuda. But the weed (see picture below) has taken over some part of the lawn.
I have a couple of questions:
1) what's the name of the weed?
2) how do I kill the weed without having to use round-up which kills the lawn as well? is there other chemical to use without killing my Bermuda lawn?

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I use RoundUp for stuff like this - pour it in a cup and use a small brush to 'paint' the leaves of the offensive plant (sorry, don't know what it actually is) and it will die but your Bermuda won't.
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Be sure to use the right kind of Roundup. Some kinds will kill everything.
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Try and pull one of the offending plants (try and get some roots too as you pull it) and give us a picture of that.
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Looks like crab grass. To be sure pull up or dig up a whole plant and take to a real garden center (not a big box store). They will accurately help you I'd the pesky plant and provide suitable solutions. Better to be safe than sorry. Ask about killing during the summer (now) and preventing regrowth next year.

Expert advice from true professionals save you time, money and most of all your yard.

Good luck.
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The weed is crabgrass MSMA will get rid of it.You can get it at your local co op store.
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Thanks for identifying the grass type and recommending MSMA. Just to double check, MSMA won't kill my Bermuda lawn? It's 95-100 degrees here in Texas.
should I wait a bit to apply?
I wonder if I should use some pre-emergent fertilizer as well to prevent further growth?
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In this heat you can expect some "singe" or burn on the bermuda but it will recover fine. I think Image is labeled for crab as well. Keep in mind there are several types of crab. Some have a very waxy leaf that repels water keeping the product from making good contact. A good sufactant of even a few drops of dawn dish soap will break the surface tension on the plant.
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kill this weed

I'm very surprised. I've used Round-Up Extended Control for years and have had excellent results.and also i concentrate and a pump up sprayer. Works great.

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