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Landscape Help


I am in need of some suggestions for landscaping. We live on a corner lot with heavy traffic. I am attaching a picture of the corner we are concerned about (if it uploaded correctly). Our problem is that snowplows and landscape companies regularly drive over the curb and in our yard. My question is what kind of landscaping can I place in the corner of our yard to deter people from driving in our yard and over the sprinkler system? I do have many large rocks at my disposal but did not have any great ideas of how to use them. Thank you very much in advance for your help or suggestions.

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Are you talking about the part between the sidewalk and the street? You might want to check with the city about what you can put that close to the street.
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In my rural area it's common to create a mulched & landscaped area with medium sized rock near the road while some folks just place rocks and mow around them. The rocks are not big enough to kill somone if they hit it with their car but are big enough that you can't drive over them.

With curbs and sidewalks I assume you are within a city in which case your property may not start until 10 or 20 feet back from the edge of the street or the city may have an easement giving them control over that strip of land along the street so you would need their permission or at least follow their guidelines. Some homeowners may choose the path of doing what you want and beg forgiveness if confronted which can work but sometimes it angers that one bureaucrat that wants to come down on you and holds you to every letter of the law.
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Planting another tree in that area would certainly discourage driving on the lawn. It would also not get buried when the plows come through in the winter. Although, not sure how far away from the road you can plant. My parents use to use reflectors in the winter time to outline the property to keep the plow guys from taking the lawn out.
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There are quite a few around here that use big rocks to keep vehicles off of their property but I'd be leery that big rocks covered with snow might make you liable if someone was to hit them. We seldom get that much snow.
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Thank you for your responses. I am in the process of checking with the city (Omaha, NE) for clarification on the ordinances. To answer Tolyn's question, yes I am referring to the area between the street and sidewalk. There are times during the winter that a large rock could be possibly covered with snow. Just for clarification, do I or the city actually own that strip of land? If I do, does it vary from city to city as to who is responsible if someone would hit something on my property or am I always liable?

With that said, if it is legal to do landscaping in that area, would anyone have any other suggestions other than a large rock? Thanks again for your responses.

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