Paver walkway and step


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Paver walkway and step

Hi! We are novice DIYers and are making a small paver pathway and 1 step onto our patio. I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find clarification on.

1. Is paver base and compact gravel the same thing?
2. do I need 4" of it or only 1- 1/2"? I have seen it differently on other sites?
3. How the heck to I make 1 step? Do i dig 6" deeper than I dug for the paver bottom layer? or can I just set it ontop of that? Can i mortar it to the bottom layer of pavers? or do I need to dig the 6" and do a concrete foot and then mortar? Do i fill that with gravel as well or anything will do?

Thanks in advance! here's a picture of the progress we have now.
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1. Terminology varies from place to place. Regardless of what it is called your base will need to be properly compacted. Your local masonry or landscape supply company (not a big box home center) should be able to direct you to the proper stuff.

2. Generally you want at least 4" of base material.

3. How you make a step will depend on what pavers you are using. For only one step I would excavate the whole area to the same depth, paver the entire way up to your house then build the one step on top of your first paver layer. It's wasteful of pavers but it's easier especially if you're only doing one step.
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Red face That's great!

That works out great! We have a hand held tamper to pound each layer. So we'll do 4" paver base, 1"paver sand, the pavers and then that polymeric(sp?)sand and then water and then done!(of course with tamping at each layer) Then we'll do the step!
No worries about the use of the pavers either they're free! Our neighbor is giving them to us and they're a a ton of them.
Thanks so much for your help!
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From one novice to the next, at least in this area, and depending on what material you use, I would use a plate compactor for the base. Most of the base material that I see used, locally anyway, is somewhat of a mix of large and fines, and the compactor will shake the fines into the voids between the larger pieces, so that the sand bed stays on top. Again, just a novice in this area, but do talk with and see the work of a lot of trades, and that has been my conclusion.
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Unhappy We blew it?

Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but I think we've gotten confused on the edging and screeding?
We placed the paver base, then spiked in edging, now we've put sand down and...

1. We'd have to have like 4inches of sand to get it to the top of the edging unordered to screed? Is that not what it's for?

2.Are we using the wrong type of edging? Or to screed do we need to use piping and take those out and the edging is for something else?

3.Does anyone have link to a good video of edging and screeding a walkway? That part seems to be glossed over in many of the online videos.

Sorry for being a complete novice.

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