Growing grass help.


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Growing grass help.

ok so i am trying to grow some grass now that the heat wave is over... i threw down seed and was told to put peat moss on top of it to hold the water better... my problem is tho when i wet it , the water doesnt seem to penetrate the peat moss. How is the seed going to get water?
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I have never heard of using peat moss. For something that holds water so well when dry it seems to have a magical power to repel water.

Generally straw is put down on top. It helps trap moisture and protects the ground from wind which further helps prevent erosion. Once the grass is tall enough to mow go ahead and mow over it and the straw. Over the following weeks & mowings the straw naturally decomposes to help fertilize the lawn.
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Use straw and not hay you will get a lot of weeds.

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I never used straw back in VA when installing or re-installing (after renters decimated it) my yard. It was a big enough pain to get it out from when the builder put it down. Didn't rot like they said it would since it was all spread out.

Got rid of old grass, lightly tilled in topsoil/compost mix, spread seed and starter fertilizer and raked in for good coverage. I did use my blower vac once to "spray" shredded sphagnum moss over my poor soil in the back yard, but it was more for soil amendment than moisture control for new seed.

You do have to make sure watering is done correctly so as not to create channels which will wash away the seed to a low spot.
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My process depends on the size of the area. If it's small, I like the all in one products like Scotts Patchmaster. Bigger and this blows the budget so I loosen the soil, spread some starter fertilizer, rake it in, spread seed and then lightly rake the seed so there's a little bit of dirt covering some of it.

Water lightly twice a day to keep the seed moist (but not damp) until it germinates.
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Lightly packing the soil after seeding assures that the seed will have good contact with the soil.
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You can put about 1/8th inch of ordinary top soil or planting mix over your lawn. You need to keep seed moist....but not too wet. If it is 80 degrees outside, in full sun, you should lightly irrigate the seed for 20 seconds +/-......every two hours or so. This is a rough guide, not a dogmatic statement.

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