Sprinkler manifold help


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Sprinkler manifold help

I am going to be finishing up my inground sprinkler system this week and I have a couple of questions about the manifold.

I purchased the manifold from a local sprinkler store. It is grey Pvc and everything is threaded on together so it makes adding/removing zones real easy. My main question is, how am I going to connect the water main to the sprinkler manifold. I have 4 zone manifold and the end is a right angle which connects to the main water source.

My poly pipe is all 1" and the valves are 1" and so is the manifold. I am going to tap off of my 3/4 copper water main and run copper all the way to the manifold. How do I connect the 3/4 copper to the 1" female thread?

Last question is, what is the best way to connect the poly pip to the valves? Should I just get a 1" barbed male thread and connect to the valve that way?
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You will need to reduce the 1" female of your manifold to 3/4" to match the fitting on your incoming supply pipe.

If you are running poly pipe to your valve then a barbed fitting will work.

Sometimes getting 160 psi black poly over a barbed fitting can be quite difficult. If you heat the end couple inches of the tubing with a heat gun or torch to slightly soften the plastic it will slide on very easily. Just don't apply so much heat that you melt or burn the plastic.
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Thanks for the response!

What kind of threaded adapted is that? Its ok to thread in a copper reducer to the pvc?

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