driveway drainage


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driveway drainage

Not sure if I am in the right forum...
Sloping driveway street towards garage. Rain eroding sides of driveway, sending sand/gravel/debris down into driveway. Water eventually pools. Pictures show a 'lite' rain. Winter is a great big pool of water/ice!

Any ideas on type of drains? Trench/rock on sides of driveway? Advice greatly appreciated!

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Digging a ditch along side of the driveway and filling it with rock should help. Where is the excess water coming from? can you stop/redirect the water before it gets to your driveway?
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From the street it looks like the right side is high and drains across the driveway. I don't see any easy way since the water has to somehow cross the driveway which means a good bit of digging. I'm thinking a ditch on the right hand side (of top picture) and a pipe under the driveway to carry the water. You could also install a trench covered with a grate instead of a pipe. That would catch water running down the driveway from the street in addition to carrying the front yard water across.

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A trench would be a folly in NH with the weather.

The driveway should drain to one side or the both sides to a small (1" to 3") curb that directs the water down to the street. For a curved drive, you could look for a landscape contractor that pours/slip forms/extrudes the curved curbing between beds and lawns. One thing to watch out for is using excess salt in the winter since they never use enough concrete to use the proper mixes (4000 psi, air entrained) for maximum durability, but should be adequate for a driveway edging.

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Replies much appreciated.
House is lower than street level
Was thinking best option would be ditch full of rock/baseball size/angular, but woudnt that just fill up with sand/debris? Also, I live across street from active sand/gravel lots of both (sand and tiny rock) ends up in my driveway
I also thought about putting a big trench/hole full of rock at the end of the driveway to catch all the runoff, but again concerned about it filling up with silt/pebbles...
Dick- would love to do curbing to direct- question is to where? Street is above bottom of driveway level. ONly place I see is patch of grass in fron of the fence on bottom left.
Most of the water/debris comes down the 'chewed up' right side of the driveway ...

I also noticed, after looking at the condition of the driveway on that right side, the current driveway was laid right on top of the old one... not supposed to do that, right?
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Consider retaining walls instead of curbing, and add fill to regrade all run off from the sides away from the drive.
That way the only water to deal with is what comes down the drive itself, not from the two sides.
I'd be worried with curbing a snow plow would hit it and knock it over and a stone filled pit in your area would just fill with water then freeze, allowing the frost line to be further under ground and will lift the slab.

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