Remove / Sell Stones Around Trees/Plants?


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Question Remove / Sell Stones Around Trees/Plants?


Instead of using mulch the previous homeowners put a bunch of stones around all the trees / plants beddings; please see attached picture.

I don't like the look of this, and would like to remove them and just put mulch down.

I don't mind removing the stones myself, but my issue is what to do with all these stones; there is a lot.

Is there a way I can sell these stones online? Or have gardening/stone nursery pick them up?

Thank you!
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Only way I see that happening is if you could find a landscape company willing to remove and haul them away. I'd bet there not going to do it for free, but may do it for a lower cost because they get the stone.
There going to have the labor, fuel, having the hassle of having to deal with dirty stone.
I just can not see someone from Craigs list hauling it way. They would need a dump truck or trailer and a loader.
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It wouldn't hurt to put it on Craigslist anyway. It's free so you have nothing to lose. Someone may be needing some for whatever reason. Even if they just want some of it, it's better than nothing.

I agree, I don't see a company wanting it, unless you pay them to take it.

I don't see why someone needs a dump truck or loader. You can easily haul these off with a shovel, wheel barrow and pickup truck. We've picked up all sorts of stuff with ours.
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Ok, thank you!

If I were to try selling them on Craigslist; what price would be fair?

I have no idea how much these stones would cost if I bought them from a landscaper; they look nice and I'm sure they are worth something but don't know how to price them.

Thank you!
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Honestly, I'm not seeing people wanting to pay much, if anything, for them. It's more of an "I'll haul them away for you if you give them to me" thing.
On the other hand, if you offer to deliver them to someone, they'd probably pay.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but you can buy them pretty cheaply at the Big Box stores, and they deliver too (at a price, but still).

You can try putting them up for a "best offer" deal and maybe get something for them.

Otherwise look at it like someone's doing you a favor, by getting rid of them for you.
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I agree with Shadie, you are more apt to find someone who wants them that will come pick them up for free. I'd be surprised if you found someone willing to pay for them, especially if they have to come get them.
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Unless you plan to bag them, check the bulk price per ton from your landscaping company. Price may be by cubic yard rather than by the ton. How many do you have?
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FREE! you will be lucky if someone takes them for free...typically I pay $18 per ton /yd approx. it's nearly all labor cost.
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I was quoted almost $1200 to have a company come in, scrape off and dispose of the 3 different types of gravel the prior owners used on the lot. That said, another guy who was dropping off a bin said he would come remove them by hand a pick-up truck at a time. Problem is, what if he only takes half and it takes him a month to do it? Now I'm worse off than before.

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