Arizona dormant Bermudagrass - Weeds!


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Arizona dormant Bermudagrass - Weeds!

Hi Everyone, I just bought a new home in Arizona. This is our first house, so our first time trying to maintain a yard. The house was empty for a while so the previous owner did not overseed with Rye. I figured we would just wait until this spring for the bermuda to wake up, but over the last few weeks I've seen a massive amount of small stick type weeds and clover looking grass pop up. It started in an area that is mostly shaded under our tree and has spread like crazy. Also getting pretty tall. I realized our sprinkler system was still configured to run three times a week so my first question should that be off while the grass is dormant? Also, what is the best way to get my lawn healthy again. I think the spot sprayers like Weed-B-Gone isnt going to cut it, my yard is large and i would say over 1/4 of it is now weed.

Thanks for any help!
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"If" your bermuda is completely dormant you can spray r-up at low rates with no long term effect on the bermuda. Dont drench. Other than that get some broad-leaf weed killer and go after the clovers. As for watering, dormant grass needs only about 25% of the water you need in season. I would turn off system and only water once a week or two if you dont get rain. Keeping in mind ambient temps and wind. Also you will want to put down pre-emergent herbicide this spring to stop most summer weeds from germinating. Consider contacting the local ag ext agent in your area for proper timming on the pre-emerge.
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Thanks for the info Kerry, I'll adjust the sprinklers. I just picked up some broad leaf weed killer that attaches to the garden house so I'll give that a try this weekend.
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Kerry is correct on the Bermuda being dormant with the use of r-up, however the mild winter we are currently experiencing the Bermuda is not completely dormant. Be careful on that one. Pre-emerge is a good idea, it will need watered in and you can do the entire yard with same product and achieve good results for bout 6 months.

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