Sprinkler system valve question


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Sprinkler system valve question

I found a couple of my sprinkler heads leaking on a certain zone, so I think this means the electronic valve is leaking that controls the zone. I used the manual shut off valve for the zone to cut it off and this stopped the leak. My question is about the seal or diaphragm located in the valve itself. If the valve diaphragm was damaged, wouldn't the manual shut off not completely stop the leak? Is it possible that the actual electronic valve itself is not completely coming down, which is causing a bit of water to pass it?

I went to Lowe's today to look at parts and the entire valve assemblies are less than $20, so I might just go this route. Is it as simple as getting one with the same pipe diameter or do I need to get one that's by the same brand as my sprinkler system? I wasn't sure if they're all wired the same way or if different brands operate differently.
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The valve does need to be the correct size to match the plumbing but you can mix and match between brands.

Valves can go bad. Many are repairable. If your valves are exposed to freezing weather and they weren't winterized.... they probably cracked.

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