Help landscaping a steep hill


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Help landscaping a steep hill

I am looking for some help on what to plant at the top of a steep hill to add privacy to the top level and prevent erosion.

Our back yard basically has a flat top plain and then a steep drop off. We added English Ivy on the hill but are looking to plant something at the very top of the hill.

Any suggestions?!

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We added English Ivy on the hill...
I pity you. In my area English Ivy is considered a noxious weed. I have English Ivy on a hill similar to yours (planted long before I moved here) and it is a constant battle to prevent it from taking over the entire yard.

Terracing the hill is a better solution and even if yo don't want to add terraces all the way down having one about two to three feet down from the top should add enough stability that you can use just about any kind of ground cover or hedge or whatever at the top. If you make the terrace a good four feet wide then you can (hopefully) keep that abominable ivy from creeping all the way up the hill.
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I don't know if you will have much luck with anything planted at the top helping to prevent erosion on the very steep bank. Almost any hedge type plant though will help provide some privacy though I would plant several feet back from the break point of the bank so they plants roots will have some soil to work with.

As for the bank I would put down some erosion control netting or material to help hold the soil in place until you get plants thoroughly established. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll end up washing away what little soil there is for plants and be left with gullies down the bank.

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