Suggestions for making my deck private?


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Lightbulb Suggestions for making my deck private?

Hello everyone,

I just bought my first house and it has a very open and un-private deck. I would love some suggestions on inexpensive ways to make it private.

Some ideas I had were too put some pots on the deck with bamboo or long planter boxes with decorative peas that would crawl up the railings, but this would not give me much privacy standing on the deck... I also considered planting a few small trees alongside the deck.

Any other suggestions?
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If you are only concerned with shielding as high as the railing, you might consider plastic lattice, mounted to the inside of the railing. That would still allow air flow while reducing visibility. It can be painted to blend in better.
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I would opt for the trees/shrubs. Consult with a local nursery to see what would be best (and fastest growing). While waiting for the permanent stuff to grow/fill-in, some potted plants on the deck might suffice. And the lattice suggested would also provide partial temporary screening.
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I like Tow guy's suggestion of some trees. I would suggest some taller arborvitaes that will give you year round greenery and privacy. It might take a few years for them to get high enough to give you the result your looking for, Just be sure to follow the spacing of the plants.
The temporary screen suggestions are a good option. You could also look for a canopy with side curtains.
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Add pergola and then plant grape vines. Let vines climb up and spread. Beautiful privacy and grapes down the road.
There are vines that stay green winter time. At least, in my hood. Fella has his RV parking fenced and fence overgrown with those. Solid green wall.
You can plant tall cypress trees around. Let hem grow. In about 5-6 years they will be taller than your house.
Next house you buy, keep privacy in mind. We turned down many beautiful houses because of this. Privacy is privacy. No "savings" substitute for it.
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Thank you!

Thanks for everyone's suggestions!! For now I have gotten my partner to build me two long planter boxes which I will plant with some tall grass or decorative peas. I think what I'll eventually do is plant some trees, although I would love to do something with vines, my better half wants nothing to do with vines hehe.

Thanks again,

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Have you considered screening in the deck? If you're handy you could do it relatively inexpensively. There are lots of pictures you could get ideas from on the internet.

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