Creek erosion problem


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Creek erosion problem

I have a 6' deep by 15' wide ditch that runs behind my house. It has very steep walls.

When we have strong rains, the creek fills up and becomes a raging river. There was vegetation on the bank, but not after the last storm.

I am losing my yard and wonder what the best way to shore it up. I have read some posts that say rip rap is the best thing to use but not on steep banks. I saw some suggestions about planting things, but not sure what would hold on the steep walls.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Being a rain water creek, check with your state Environmental Protection Division. It may be protected. I have one running on either side of my property, and was told not to touch the bed. Federal violation of a water act, or something like that. I can't even clean it out without permission.
I believe rip rap would be the best solution, however. You can taper rip rap to accommodate the stiffness of the walls. Planting things may look like it does now after the first rain.
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I wonder if they would let you build a wall on your side of the ditch? Rip rap would likely need a wire screen to hold it in place.

While I believe in protecting the environment and nature rules, I think the gov't goes too far. On the other side of the mountain there is a house on a river, the river has been taking the man's backyard to the point that his septic system is in danger. The gov't won't let him do anything to stop the erosion and will condemn his house if his septic system gets compromised He has no other place to put a septic system
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In my area streams that have a permanent flow of water are regulated but creeks that only flow during certain seasons get a lot more leeway as to what you can do.

Can you post a picture of the problem area? I'm curious to see how steep it is. At shallower angles large rock like rip-rap might be the easiest and cheapest option but at a certain point rock won't stay on the slope and you need to start thinking of attaching "fencing" or building a wall.

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