Landscape Lighting for a "Normal" House


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Landscape Lighting for a "Normal" House

Forgive my use of the term "normal." I'm just not sure of a better way to ask this question.

What I'm looking for are some pictures/videos of landscape lighting setups for some inspiration. However, every search yields images of extensive, expensive, and probably professionally installed systems on mansions with ridiculous landscapes. It's pretty easy to figure out what to accentuate with your lighting when EVERYTHING is worth accentuating - am I right?

I thought since the average person on this website is also, likely, an average person (financially) like myself, maybe some of you would be willing to share some photos of setups?

I'm currently at work, but the attached image is a very good representation of the shape and design of my actual home (albeit, mine is 10 years old and slightly less contemporary looking). And other than a small Japanese Maple in the flower bed near the middle porch column and a cherry tree at the far right column, it's almost a dead ringer for the driveway, path, and landscape design.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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How do you want it to look? Illuminating plants at night is sort of a definition of not natural so you really have to define what you want. Until you figure out what that purpose is your just sticking in lights willy nilly. Do you want to light the front walkway? Light the whole front of the house for security? Spotlight a focal point area? Do you want bright illumination that makes things easily visible when people are driving by or low, gentle lighting that can really only be seen by pedestrians or those approaching the house?
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Well, again I'm just trying to get some inspiration.

I guess if I had to identify one particular goal though, it would really just be aesthetics - although things like deterring bandits and improving vision would be indirectly improved anyway.

I'm not looking for a Clark Griswold type light show or anything. And I don't have a whole heck of a lot of features to make focal points. I just want to improve the look of my house at night.

But my initial thought was to install a pretty simple low wattage LED low voltage system - mainly consisting of path lights and maybe a well light or two to shine up on the two trees in front of the porch.

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I'm very partial to down light fixtures. These fixtures are perfect for highlighting the ground, sidewalk, surrounding area without throwing a lot of light and more importantly, in my opinion, when seen from the street at night all you see is the lit area..... you aren't staring at a light bulb.

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