Help me diagnose drip system....


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Help me diagnose drip system....

I am a relatively new home owner...and never dealt with this before. I've been in the home for a year (Arizona) and the basic vegetation is the system WORKS.

I cannot for the life of me get the manual mode to work. I am trying to run some more drip lines to new plants, but I want to make sure the drip line I found even works.

I have a raindial 600. I move the slider to manual -- then select the zone and use the (+) button til it shows M(minuteshere). I followed the youtube video here:

I run all over the house trying all zones and no water anywhere. So in short, manual mode doesn't work, but the automatic mode seems to be working since plants aren't all dead.

What can I test here?
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We need a little more information.

Are there only drip lines connected or do you have sprinkler heads too ?
If you have sprinkler heads.... do they work ?

Can you describe how many zones you think you have ?

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