Old sprinkler system and rototilling


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Old sprinkler system and rototilling

My lawn is a mess! I plan on rototilling and leveling it in order to put it all back together again. However there is a very old sprinkler system that the previous owner didn't use and had no idea if it worked or not. That was ten years ago and I've never considered the sprinklers until now.

The lawn needs a major overhaul so levelling and tilling is a must. I just dug down one of the sprinkler heads to the line and it's something like 6+ inches in what is damn near clay. My original plan was to dig up and remove the entire sprinkler system however I am realizing this is going to be quite the task.

My questions are: Should I dig up the system before rototilling? After? Or should I not bother at all and put in a new system around it?
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Welcome to the forums.

Good questions and a little tough to answer. The original sprinkler line is pulled in with a vibrating plow. It has a long sharp knife that cuts the sod and soil and pulls the pipe in underground. Therefore the old pipe isn't actually "dug in." For you to get the old pipe out will be considerable work. I think I might remove the lines that come up to the sprinkler heads and leave the rest in the ground.

When the new line is pulled in.... where the v. plow crosses the old pipe it will get cut. If you are having the new system installed..... you may want to ask the installer.
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Thanks and thanks.

I am a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. I haven't yet spoken to a sprinkler person. I've just known that I need the lawn totally redone. Glad I didn't spend the time doing that. I'll just skip to having it levelled and tilled.

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