Backflow preventer (Watts 09) trouble


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Backflow preventer (Watts 009) trouble

Hi team,
First post here and I am hoping it is a simple fix.

I didn't use my lawn's sprinkler system for the past 2 seasons. I decided that I would use it this year. I charged the system, tested the zones and replaced any broken heads.

I discovered a leak coming from the vent in my Watts 009 backflow preventer when the system was off. I ordered the relief valve service kit, and replaced all of the parts. However, when I turned the water back on, water continuously sprays out of the water outlet. If I turn the system on, the leak stops.

I have pulled out both the first and second check valve assemblies and made sure they were clean and free to move.

Any ideas on how to fix this is greatly appreciated. My sprinkler company gave me an estimate of $450 to come out and rebuild the whole unit. I'm not quite ready to part with that kind of cabbage for what seems like a very simple device.


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so when the waters on it leaks and when its off it stops?? is there some kind of spring or something in the outlet maybe it's in backwards or somethings blocked upis it coming outta the little numbs on top all or just a few if not all switch them around and see if the same ones keep leaking or if it stays in the same place. do your sprinklers come on or does all the come out of the backflow zoro has them for $338 and free shipping

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