Lawn needs serious help

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Lawn needs serious help

This will be my second summer that I am moved into my new home. Last year I rototilled my entire back yard, ripped out all of the grass and weeds and re-seeded, fertilized etc. I did this back in September and the grass started to grow in nice but now this season there are A LOT of dead patches of grass, tons of weeds again and the grass looks horrible.

Can anybody give me some pointers on how I can grow a healthy green grass and how I can get grass to grow in the dead spots.

I do not have any trees on my property but my neighbors do and I have some shade spots in my backyard. Below are some pictured of my lawn, I seeded the lawn with LESCO seed mix and LESCO fertilizer. I installed an irrigation system last season why I rototilled the lawn as well. I have been watering the lawn everyday and it still looks the way it does.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i would try putting topsoil on top of or mixing it in and planting seed again just heard of a new thermo Kentucky blue grass that might be worth looking into cause it will fill in and spread guess it keeps spreading unlike regular grass and less maintenance than regular blue grass
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You should have put crabgrass preventer down last month...

LESCO 19-0-7 Dimension Crabgrass Preventer-080311 at The Home Depot

Now is the time to put down weed and feed..

Possibly thats not a good product. I never used it. The scotts stuff has too much nirogen and you need to really water when you use that stuff..

I use the jonathan green products. Dont know if you can get in your area...

Best product we have in the area IMO..

Dealer Locator | Jonathan Green

Use the 4 step program, plus make sure you put down lime. I use thier calcite product... Lime twice a year at least.

Then in the fall overseed. Best to use tall fescue for our area. Kentucky 31 from tractor supply is the best deal I know... 50 lbs for 50 bucks..

Overseed every year for 3 yrs. Then every other year.

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Grass Seed, 50 lb. - Tractor Supply Co.
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Can I put down the crab grass preventer now? And then put down weed and feed at the end of the month?
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Depending on your budget, I would ask around for a local lawn company that can do the job for you.

For example, Im paying a lawn "service" to do the 4 step program....if I priced out the materials for me to do it myself, Im paying them basically $75.00 more than materials if I had done it myself. For 75 bux its no brainer to gets done, it gets done on time every time (instead of me fighting with my schedule) AND they know what they need to use when they see weeds popping up (and thats even included).

My lawn has never looked better and I dont have to worry about forgetting to do Step X by date Y.

Just my two cents
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Too late for the crabgrass preventer, as Mike said.
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You might also consider getting a soil analysis done before just throwing chemicals at it. Your local state land grant university probably offers that service. Google around on it.

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