French/Trench Drain design


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French/Trench Drain design


In the next few weeks I'm going to attempt to build a French drain around my house to divert the water away from the foundation. I have a multitude of areas to tackle but the first I would like to focus on is a small area, 12 feet wide between my neighbor and my house.

After any sort of rain, the downspouts just dump all the water into the middle and create more or less a swamp. Since there is absolutely 0 grading, the water sits, does not allow grass to grow and takes several days to dry up My initial thought on this:

1. Connect something to the downspouts and run it all the way down through the houses, then out the backyard. This would be dug in, I'm guessing PVC or something of that nature.

Is this something that people would say makes sense? Should I do it differently? This is the easy one I think.
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The key to making any drainage work is the grading/elevation. Do you have somewhere lower in elevation to send the water? If you end up burying pipe I prefer to use thin walled PVC over corrugated black plastic. The PVC is rigid so it's less likely to have dips or low spots that collect sediment and it's smooth interior is more resistant to clogging.
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It's about 35 feet of flat terrain between the two homes before it pitches down. I looked around for the PVC you are talking about and couldn't find any. Do you possibly have a link?
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Hi Kyle,
Your general location/climate is also important as we need to determine summer and winter conditions.

Yes, I've seen drainage pipes run through homes to get from a high side to a lower side. You just need to be able to deal with the inconvenience (and noise) of having the pipe in the way.

You say flat between the homes and then it pitches down. How much lower does it get. A several foot drop would make it possible to create a surface drain if you are not in the frozen north.

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