Irrigation suggestion sought for ground cover


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Irrigation suggestion sought for ground cover

Iím looking for an irrigation suggestion for ground cover.
Irrigation suggestion sought for ground cover

I have about 2000sqf of sloping ground around the house which is planted with some sort of ground cover (1-1.5 feet tall). I do not know what it is (see photo below, if you can identify it, please let me know what it is). Seems to me that one of the great benefits of this vine is to prevent erosion, as the grade is quite steep in places (~40%). Iím not sure if it is a good plant for this purpose but it does seem to create a thick mat of very prolific ďangel hair pastaĒ like roots, so I assume itís good at holding the sloping dirt in place.

The existing (and now old and aged) irrigation for this area is an extensive line of black poly pipe with spaghetti tubing and emitters all over the place. The poly line is a couple of decades old and degraded, needs replacing, I cannot tell where the pipe and emitters are as it has all become ingrown into the vine.

Iíd like to explore using a different irrigation design. The current lines are now so ingrown and interwoven with the vines that they will be a challenge to remove, but I will do it. Then what?

If I use a system with the same topology (a lot of poly line+spaghetti+emitters) it would quickly become interwoven with the vegetation and become nearly impossible to inspect, repair, maintain.

Is there an alternative to watering this type of ground cover? The only thing that comes to mind is a few longer range rotor type sprinklers mounted higher on some stakes off the ground (perhaps 4-5 feet off the ground to get above some small trees that are interspersed amongst the ground cover).

Basically I donít care that much about perfect watering of this ground cover. I need it for erosion control and would like to irrigate it with a system that is relatively easy to maintain.

Advice greatly appreciated.

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Does your ground cover have purple or blue flowers in early spring? If so it looks like vinca minor. It's extremely durable and fast growing so it will quickly recover from any digging or work you do on the irrigation.

Yea, I would go with some traditional sprinklers. Run them at night or the very early morning and you will minimize evaporation loss. Fixed risers would be the simplest and most reliable. Depending on your trees you can vary their height to either shoot over or under the trees and shrubs.
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Thanks much for identifying it Pilot Dane. I think you are right, the plant does have blue/purple flowers in the spring. I also looked at some old pictures and the flowers have five petals, which seems characteristic of vinca minor from all the google images that showed up in a ďVinca MinorĒ search.

So looks like Iíll transition to a handful of raised rotor type sprinklers. Is there any type of decorative post that the sprinkler can be mounted on? I see raised sprinklers being sold online but they seem like simple metal stakes. Nothing decorative that could hide the sprinkler that I saw.

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