Help Needed- Ideas for large amount of rocks


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Help Needed- Ideas for large amount of rocks

I recently purchased a home that used rocks as mulch in all of the would be flower beds. My fiance hates them, thus they have to go. We had little success with giving them away. They're a pain to move so I can understand. Anyone have any ideas on what to use these for? Photos would be very helpful

There are way to many to use them as a border. I was thinking making a small area to place my fire pit. However I believe they're to big and wouldn't be able to sit chairs/fire pit/walk on them without pain.
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Hello: HelplessTechie

Help Needed- Ideas for large amount of rocks
I can't help. That's physical. I don't do physical.

But I can and will offer advice, ideas and suggestions...

Depending on how much rock there is, maybe you could mix it with cement, pour it in place and then pound it down smooth. Not to much rock to cement might work if this idea or suggestion is acceptable. Might make an acceptable walkway, divider wall or barrier.

Low walls on all sides for a raised vegetable garden be acceptable?...

Same can apply to flower beds, etc.

Can make a round double sided wooden form in area where fire pit could be, mix cement with rock in it and pour into molded fire pit form. Easy on the rock volume based upon your desires. Just like a hired stone mason would do building a stone/cement walkway or fire pit.


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