recommended Lawn Feeding Interval


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recommended Lawn Feeding Interval

I fed my lawn with regular Turf Builder (not weed and feed type) on Monday . I watered it in lightly as per instructions. The instructions on the bag also state that you can feed up to 4 times a season but gives no definite time interval. Different advice online says to feed again from 4 to 6 weeks.

We were hit with heavy rain downpours within 2 days of feeding and I'm wondering if I should feed sooner since the heavy rains may have washed away a lot of the fertilizer.
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Do not feed it again until late fall. Fertilizer companies and the commercial applicators want to make money.

Consult your county or state agricultural agent or an independent nursery owner who does not have chemical application as a major part of his/her business.

Fall is the most important feed time as it helps develop the root system for the winter. You need to use the proper chemical mix. Again, consult a real pro.
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I'm further south but don't even consider during the summer. I have a tiny section of highly maintained and irrigated lawn and it's last feeding is in early June and it won't get it again until September when summer's heat is safely past. The pretty grass gets four feedings. One "full" feeding in early spring then a light one in early June. The spring feedings are heavier in nitrogen for greening and growth. Then at the end of summer in September it gets another light feeding. Then in late October a full feeding. The fall feedings are lower in nitrogen to focus on root development and disease resistance.

You want to be careful about feeding in late spring and summer especially with a fescue lawn. The rapid growth can cause the grass to be "tender" and susceptible to brown patch.

My main lawn gets fed one in early spring with cheap 10-10-10 and that's it. If I'm feeling generous I'll give it another 10-10-10 feeding in late September or October. If I'm having a big party I'll irrigate to insure a nice lawn for the event but otherwise I let the lawn go dormant during the summer heat.

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