rebuilt Goulds Jet + pump for Irrigation


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rebuilt Goulds Jet + pump for Irrigation


I just replaced the cast iron housing on my pump, the middle part of the pump.
At first I had a hard time getting the last screw in, and when I hooked my hose up to it to primp it it was leaking. So I pulled out the screws and put them back in, it still has a tiny leak. I turned on the pump and the circuit breaker on the electric panel tripped. Not sure why, I did have to take the cover of the motor off so I could get the impeller off. I dont think I did anything to the wiring of the motor, it looks fine. If I had a schematic of the electric wiring I might be able to tell. Not sure what to do, my grass is dying help.

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I'm confused by your first sentence. You say you replaced the housing. Then you say "the middle part of the pump". Do you mean the spacer/housing that connects the pump to the motor or do you mean the impeller of the pump?

Either way it sounds like you have reassembled the pump incorrectly or have the wrong parts. You've probably got the impeller bound which is locking the pump and motor in place causing it to trip the breaker. Does the motor & pump turn freely?

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