When to allow new grass to survive with old?


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When to allow new grass to survive with old?

I had to repair some grass on my property. Its in a portion of grass that is not tended too, not watered and is weedy.....

Its been about 4 weeks. The new seed has grown in nicely, very green compared to the rest... looks kind of weird. I waited until it was about 3 inches and I have since mowed it twice and its ready for another mowing now. I have been giving water daily.

The thing is its on a remote portion of the property. Lugging the hose out to it everyday is a chore. I would like the portion to blend in with the old grass and weeds.

When can I abandon my watering and allow it to go on its own with the rest of the ground covering?
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I would have backed off of the daily watering after the 1st cutting. You don't want to stop watering completely rather go to every other day for a while, then every 3rd day until it no longer needs watering. A good soaking is better than light watering.
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Daily watering should be abandoned now - frequent light watering promotes shallow root growth; you should water enough to get the grass to 1-2" of water per week, doing this once or twice a week to add whatever water is not provided by rain.
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While you should make sure your sleeping lawn gets at least 1/2" (1,27 cm) of water every 2-3 weeks (as stated above), this doesn't necessarily mean you have to water it that much. If your lawn is already receiving that much rainfall (as measured by your rain gauge), you don't have to water the grass at all. You only need to water enough to make up for any difference between your lawn needs and the natural precipitation it receives.

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