Seeding help


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Seeding help

My original front lawn was zoysia grass but infested with crabgrass in certain sections. I just had someone cut out the entire lawn with a sod cutter and hauled it away. I am going to reseed my lawn come September but I was wondering if it would be best to spray the lawn and kill anything on it right now? if that is recommended what should I spray and how long should I wait before seeding?

Also, should I rototill the lawn before seeding? I was going to soak the lawn for 2 days straight prior to seeding and then seed and just go over the seed/fertilizer with a roller.
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If they cut the sod, they took vital nutrient top soil with it. You may benefit by obtaining a load of CLEAN topsoil, then till it in with what you have. This is a tough time to reseed a lawn, but you need to do it. What type seed do you propose?
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I am going to be seeding the lawn next weekend and I am going to be getting about 24 yards of topsoil to put down. My front lawn is about 2000 square feet. I will be adding about 3.5-4" of topsoil and then seed/roll on top of that. I was just curious if I should purchase the regular screened topsoil OR should I go with the their product called sweet peat which is a topsoil/compost/peat moss mix?

Is it would the extra money to get that mix or should I just stay with the regualr screened topsoil?
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If it's truly good topsoil than it's probably the best. Around here the supplies of topsoil are soon exhausted and they resort to blending in compost and other things to create what they call topsoil. The mix with compost and peat is nice since they are being honest and stating up front that it's a blend. You just have to be aware that the organic components break down. If the ratio of organics is high it's great for nutrients and water retention but over time will break down and the ground level may subside somewhat.

In the mean time anything that sprouts or tries to grow in your dirt I would spray with a glyphosate type herbicide (RoundUp, Honcho, ProStar, Glyfos...). Even if the plant doesn't look dead it and it's roots will be dying and not grow up through your new soil and lawn.

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