Tree branch chipping services?


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Tree branch chipping services?

I have a whole bunch of dead branches on my property that Iíd like to get rid of. Some pine tree branches from ice storms may even be 5-6 inches in diameter and 7-8 feet long. The majority of branches however are not that large.

I thought there were services that will come around with chippers and chip the stuff right on your property, with the option of taking the chips or leaving the chips with you. I figure I could put the branches in some big piles to save money and the service can come around and chip away Ė although I donít know if they can chip a 6 inch diameter branch?

Should I be calling tree removal services, or landscapers, or something else? I canít seem to find anyone advertising a chipping service? I must be looking in the wrong places. I also have no idea how they charge and have no idea what the cost would be if you had everything in piles and all they had to do was chip? Maybe Iím out in left field? lol

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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The chipping you might see is usually associated with tree trimming or removal. I don't know of any in my area that would be interested in just chipping. They want the bigger bucks.

But, you can rent a chipper for a day and feed it yourself. If the rental place isn't that far away they will probably deliver. As for getting rid of the chips, if you have a place to pile them they will decompose in a year or two. Or put out a sign, "free chips" you haul.

As for size the medium size I rented would handle up to 6". but the one I liked would handle up to 12". It was a wood eater, but the 6" machine would do well for what you describe.

If you don't want to do the chipping, find a handyman and rent the machine for him to feed.

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Most locals have a yard waste disposal area that you can bring yard waste for free. If you are close to Doylestown, PA it appears your next opportunity is Sept 20th.

Trash and Recycling | Doylestown Township
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Tree Branches

Call a tree service company for an estimate.
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Thanks a lot gents!

Bud thanks for the good ideas, didnít think of those. That helps a lot.

Thanks Tolyn also Ė completely forgot about that disposal site Ė and Iíve BEEN THERE BEFORE,lol (the old brain cells are fading! lol) Another good idea.

Thanks Wirepuller, no matter what course that is certainly something I should do.

Now I just need to cogitate for a while. Thanks again guys.
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If they are already down and in a readily accessible area in one spot, I'm sure a company would be willing to chip them for you...but I'd let the haul it away. Piles of wood chips are termite magnets.
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More good information. Thanks!

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