How to slope ground away from house


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How to slope ground away from house

We have had basement flooding and have fixed the window well but now I need to fix the grade so that water flows away from the foundation. The area is mostly covered by pavers so I would remove and replace those. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help with:

1. What type of fill should I use? I've heard differing opinions on limestone screening or 'A' gravel. I've heard A gravel is not good for leveling with patio stones and will still let water flow through. So is limestone screening better?

2. How thick a layer of fill should I lay down? I'm assuming around 4"?

3. Does it make any sense to lay a tarp or barrier flat on the sloped ground under the fill to catch the water and drain it away from the house? One person suggested this but I'm not sure it's a good idea.

4. Is there a quicker way to remove the existing dirt other than a shovel? I'm doing it by myself so don't want a large excavator but if there is a push machine that I could rent, that would work.

5. Any other suggestions for DIY grading?

Thank you,

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Remove mulch and gravel and other porous or coarse material. Fill in with soil at least as dense as in the existing landscaping and lawn. Four inches thick should suffice.

You do not want a border of crushed stone or gravel up against the house. That will be a holding area for water that will then take its sweet time percolating down against the foundation and adding to the water table near the house.

You need a definite slope away from the house. You can use a tarp or plastic sheeting under the topmost layer of fill but test it with a garden hose before putting the fill on top. The tarp in place must not hold ponding water on/in it to soak slowly into the ground only 3 or 4 feet from the house.
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I'm going to disagree with Allan on this one. You should have a compacted based under an inch of bedding sand under the pavers. The compacted base should be sloped away from the house at at least 1/4" per foot.
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Oh, you're going to keep the pavers?

Use the usual method of preparing a bed and laying the pavers, but the finished walkway should not be so level or dished as as to accumulate a layer of water that would be unpleasant to walk through. Any gap between the walkway and the house should also not tend to accumulate water.
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There is no "easy" way when handling gravel or dirt unless you have something powered by an engine. A shovel work but most people become quickly discouraged as they are not accustomed to physical work and when dealing with stone and dirt you tend to talk in tons. Depending on how much you have to move it may be worthwhile hiring someone with a small skid steer or excavator to do the earth moving for you. They will be trained to operate the machine so can work more quickly and efficiently than if you just rent the machine.
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Seems like your pavers were installed with a back pitch towards the house the right way would be to ck your pitch with level if shows pitching toward house they have to be removed add the correct material and pitched properly away from the house if this is not an option remove 3-4 ft area away from the house and add soil to build a bed sloping away from foundation you can always use this bed to put seasonal flowers or ground cover .depending on how bad your pitch is on pavers you might get a little pooling in front of bed in heavy rain..

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